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  • Christine
    I often had stomach and had problems with the chair. I went to the doctor after the tests it turned out that I have parasites. Probably because the dog, who lives at home. To improve the unpleasant symptoms helped . Just a pill, it must be taken daily. A week later, I'm back to actively running in the morning. Months later, tests confirmed that the helminth does not.
  • Jomar
    In front of worms the first time. I couldn't understand how they could look like. Upon reflection, I realized that I had infected them, eating raw vegetables and fruit dirty. I've lost 8 kg in a short time. I was tormented by constant fatigue and headache. Then go to the hospital, but the prescription meds do not help get rid of worms. This ad Detoxic On the internet. I decided to try, because your health got worse. Finally, after a month after applying the parasite disappeared.
  • Jonalyn
    My child is infected in kindergarten. Doctors prescribe antiparasitic drugs. But the boy couldn't drink it constantly vomiting medication. They were unbearably bitter. My friend advised me it is your child improves. Ordered product on the website. Had to drink to the child. He had an unpleasant taste, and vomiting, my son does. Ten days passed the tests, the eggs of helminths not found.
  • Ko
    Detoxic working to expel parasites. For me, it really helped me get rid of Giardia. After removal of the cells will be returned. One of its advantages is the restoration of damaged tissues of the worms. I really like this product because it is safe, has no side effects.
  • Nicole
    Contracted worms from the cat. Sometimes he escapes to the street. Some I caught myself, and brought it to me. Try to handle the usual drugs that are prescribed by a doctor, but the bad they stand. Find the Internet drug Detoxic. Ordered, cutting his month. The drug is well tolerated. Tests showed that I'm healthy.
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